VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

Jak wejść za darmo do kina

Bilety ciągle drożeją, o popcornie nie wspominając. Wyjście do kina może cię kosztować nawet kilkadziesiąt złotych. Na szczęście nasz dyżurny lajfhaker Oobah Butler ma rozwiązanie
VICE Talks Film

Barry Jenkins, the Director of "Moonlight"

This coming-of-age drama follows a boy named Chiron as he grapples with his identity and sexuality, and navigates life in a rough neighborhood in Miami.
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The Faux Documentary That 'Proves' Kubrick Faked the Moon Landing

VICE sits down with Operation Avalanche director Matt Johnson and his team to discuss the new movie and their unorthodox approach to filmmaking.

De voormalige marinier die al 25 jaar monsterfilms maakt in zijn achtertuin

Voormalig marinier en bokser David "Rock" Nelson heeft de afgelopen 25 jaar talloze horrorfilms gemaakt met z'n camcorder.

Laz Rojas, el hombre de las 100 caras

Viajamos a Los Ángeles para encontrarnos con Laz Rojas, un aspirante a actor y cineasta de culto en el circuito de cine independiente de los años 90.
VICE Talks Film

Gaspar Noe on 'Love'

VICE meets with French Argentinian provocateur Gaspar Noé on his latest film, the shot in 3D, (very) sexually explicit 'Love'.
Broadly Meets

Virginie Despentes on Killing Rapists

We meet radical feminist writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes for her first in-depth English interview.
The Real

Der echte Wolf of Wall Street?

Ende der 90er Jahre war Dana Giacchetto der Buchhalter der berühmten Stars. Doch dann wurde er zu gierig.