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Jak powstały deepfakes?

Wyjaśniamy, skąd pochodzą deepfakes, co mają wspólnego z pornografią oraz dlaczego mogą drastycznie zmienić nasze rozumienie prawdy
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Historia nieznanego zespołu, o którego rozpadzie dowiedział się cały świat

Witchrot stał się wiralem, gdy basista Peter Turik obwieścił, że kapela kończy działalność, ponieważ jego długoletnia partnerka zdradzała go z gitarzystą. A także z uwagi na śmierć perkusisty

Vlogerzy w Chinach odkryli żyłę złota

Coraz więcej osób traktuje streaming jako sposób na życię – niektórzy zarabiają nawet 400 tys. zł miesięcznie
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Yesterday on the Internet: The Donald Trump Blame Game

Following election day, the liberal mainstream media has been coming together — by deciding who’s to blame.

Thea Baumann on Augmented Reality Nail Art and Game Hacking | Visionaries, Episode 3

In this episode of Visionaries, we meet the creator of glam-tech company Metaverse Makeovers, whose products include augmented reality nail art.
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Afropunk Style, Hyperflesh Masks, and a Deep Web Dive

We spend a day at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, take a look at viral sensation Landon Meier's masks and get to the bottom of the internet with artist Trevor Paglen.
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Trevor Paglen's Deep Web Dive | Behind the Scenes

The Creators Project travels to Miami to meet Trevor Paglen, an artist, experimental geographer, and counter-surveillance researcher most known for his long distance pictures of secret military bases, and his contribution to Citizenfour.
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Werner Herzog Explains the Internet to Us

VICE's Ben Makuch sits down with the legendary German filmmaker to discuss his new documentary, 'Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.'
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How One Matchmaker Changed Online Dating for Women Everywhere

We talk with Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe about leaving Tinder to make a feminist dating app and how the dynamics of modern dating are changing.
Motherboard Pilot Week

Greatest Moments In Hacking History: Samy Kamkar Takes Down Myspace

In this Pilot episode of Greatest Moments in Hacking History, Motherboard talks to hacker Samy Kamkar about the time he took down Myspace.
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Inside the Torturous Fight to End Revenge Porn

What can you do when a jilted lover posts your most intimate pictures online without consent?
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Weed Wedding

Plus, learn about the DIY internet network that could disrupt major providers and visit the Australian bar that really loves loves George Costanza.