My Life Online

Therapy Gecko: Unmasking the Internet’s Unofficial Therapist

In this Episode of My Life Online, we unmask the man behind the popular green therapist.
My Life Online

O cirurgião plástico que partilha as suas operações no Snapchat

A última fronteira da privacidade está a ser derrubada por médicos que usam as redes sociais para mostrar ao Mundo as cirúrgias que realizam.

Bibi Bourelly quer que toda a gente seja livre

A cantora e escritora de canções, Bibi Bourelly, fala sobre a sua infância, sobre fazer música com o seu pai e sobre como encontrou inspiração na perda da sua mãe.
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Polícia Infiltrado

Um antigo polícia especializado em investigações como infiltrado fala sobre a sua experiência em casos de droga, homicídios, armas, pedofilia e corrupção policial.

How Boxer Eric Kelly Became One of the Most Notorious Trainers in New York City

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies' series, we sit down with boxing sensation Eric Kelly to talk about growing up in 80s Brooklyn, the moment his career took an unexpected blow, and how he came back stronger than ever.
The Cusp

Meet the 17-year-old German Climbing NBA Draft Boards

We accompany one of Germany´s most promising talents on his way of becoming a professional basketball player.

Joby Ogwyn Wants to Be the First Person to Jump off the Side of Mount Everest

In this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' the professional wingsuit pilot explains how his passion for human flight has brought him to record-breaking heights and heart-wrenching lows.

How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement

De dj en producer vertelt over zijn onconventionele ouders en hoe hij op zijn negentiende de eerste echte rave in Montreal organiseerde.

BMX'er Nigel Sylvester praat over competities, racisme en zijn opvoeding

In a uniquely intimate conversation with VICE Autobiographies, Nigel Sylvester shares the pivotal moment that ignited his rise in the world of BMX and the challenges he faced along the way.

Alex G praat over verlegenheid, sociale media, en zijn langdurige obsessie met muziek

In this episode we meet Philly-based singer songwriter Alex G. returning from his first European and U.S. tours to play a gig in his hometown.

Jackie Cruz van Orange is the New Black praat over haar lange en moeilijke weg naar Hollywood

Jackie Cruz explains how surviving a tragic car accident at 17 not only reestablished her ties with her family, but forced her back into pursing a career in acting — eventually landing a role on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.
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"A Vida Depois da Poligamia": as mulheres e filhas de um culto polígamo no regresso à realidade

Três jovens mulheres explicam porque é que abandonaram a Igreja Fundamentalista dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, liderada por Warren Jeff e contam como tem sido a luta para construírem uma nova vida.