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Make Brisket with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri, the President and Founder of Flavor Town, comes to the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show how to a make a quick BBQ brisket.
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Make the World's Best Sandwich with Action Bronson

Action Bronson shows you how to make the greatest sandwich in the world.
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We Gettin‘ Lumpia

While Action Bronson and the crew were in Hawaii, they got to try lumpia, a Filipino dessert.
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Meyhem Lauren: Conquering the World with a Beautiful Face

We hung out with the Queens rapper in New York as he told us the plans for the rest of his year, which may or may not include spa treatments.
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Action Bronson Eats at the Best Restaurant in Australia

Action got a chance to hang out with Ben Shewry at his restaurant Attica in Melbourne earlier this year.
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A Portrait of Young Thug: We Hang With a Popular Instagram Artist Making Hip Hop Fan Art

Before Adam Hoens heads to his day job at the Vancouver airport, he wakes up early to sketch and paint his favourite hip hop artists.
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A Truffle-Filled Day with Action Bronson

Action Bronson eats truffles in the best restaurants in New York City.
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Vegan Watermelon Cake

When there’s a party in South Africa, a watermelon cake is always present. Cata.Pirata—frontwoman of the band Skip & Die—shows us how she makes her favorite treat.
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The People vs Action Bronson

Action Bronson a répondu aux commentaires de sa vidéo « Easy Rider », plus haut que jamais.