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i-D Meets St. Vincent

During her recent trip to Australia, i-D spent the day with Annie Clark at the Sydney Opera House. Between exploring empty theatres, backstage secrets and quiet corners we caught up on the latest incarnation of her musical doppelgänger St. Vincent.
Noisey Meets

Get Out Of Your Own Way: Anarchy & Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass

The 73-year-old artist, poet, and activist Penny Rimbaud founded the most influential anarcho-punk group of the 20th century in Crass, along with Steve Ignorant.
Back & Forth

Ed Sheeran x Stormzy

In this edition of Back & Forth, we cornered two unlikely friends - Stormzy and Ed Sheeran and they talked about everything from sliding into DMs to falling asleep during sex.
Sweat It

Kiran Gandhi

When she’s not touring with M.I.A., Los Angeles-based drummer Kiran Gandhi can be found building strength through battle ropes.
VICE Greece Meets

Dimitra Galani

We met Dimitra Galani, a famous Greek musician and singer.
Daily VICE

Wrestling Legend Chris Jericho Doesn't Want to Be a Nostalgia Act

Chris Jericho was recently in Toronto for WWE's Survivor Series and Monday Night Raw so we caught up with him before he left the city
Back & Forth

Back & Forth : Béatrice Dalle x Butch McKoy

Béatrice Dalle et le musicien Butch McKoy nous parlent de leur passé punk, de Rage Against The Machine, de JoeyStarr et de la pièce « Lucrèce Borgia ».
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Back & Forth: Steen en EZG

Steen en EZG over hun liefde voor voetbal en wat hooliganrap zo uniek maakt.
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Back & Forth : Arielle Dombasle x Nicolas Ker

Le duo le plus fuck-off de 2016 nous parle de drogues, de religion, d'animaux domestiques et de leur album « La Rivière Atlantique ».
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Back & Forth : Frustration x Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods et Frustration se sont posés un moment pour parler de boulots de merde, de dents en or, de leurs anciens groupes et de l'art de rouler des pelles.
Noisey Meets

Harley Flanagan from Cro-Mags

Harley Flanagan made news in 2012 after an altercation with his former bandmates in the New York hardcore band Cro-Mags, which resulted in a charge of felony assault, though he maintains that he fought back in self-defense.
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DJ Moortje & MC Pester

In this new episode of Noisey Back & Forth we reunited DJ Moortje and MC Pester, the pioneers of bubbling. KEYWORDS: