VICE Special Report: A House Divided

With exclusive access to the President, his inner circle and key opponents, VICE founder Shane Smith examines the rise of the Tea Party, the faltering of key deals, and how growing extremism has left America more divided than ever.
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11 Times Donald Trump sounded like Alex Jones

11 times Donald Trump sounded a lot like Alex Jones
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Portrait of a Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder

The Artist Behind Obama's First Portraits Focusses on the Wrongfully Convicted
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We Talked to 'Artivist' Aloe Blacc About How It Feels to Be on Obama's Playlist

We sit down with the musician to talk about how he aims to create social change through his music.
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Abandoned At Home: America's Veteran Crisis

As politicians in Washington wring their hands over the Veterans Affairs scandal, VICE News travels to Portland, Oregon, to see what it’s all really about.
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The Sony Hack: Investigating One of the Worst Cyber Attacks on an American Company

In a new episode of Cyberwar, Ben Makuch investigates the Sony Hack — and in this extra scene we learn more about the shadowy world of geo-political cyberattacks.
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Obama's Responses to 16 Mass Shootings in Eight Years

Following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, President Obama once again called for action. Here are all the other times he had to do that.
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March 11 - Trudeau And Obama Rekindle Cross-Border Bromance in Washington

Then, we hang out with Alex Andreopolous, the Blue Jays bullpen catcher and all round multi-tasker at spring training, and meet Joey Muha.
The People Speak

The President of the United States

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled the globe to ask people what they think about the president of the United States.