Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / S1 EP1

The Story of the South African Quaalude

South Africa is the last place on earth Quaaludes can still be found. Hamilton travels there to study the drug and finds a dark history of medical experimentation.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / S1 EP5

Fish N’ Trips

An aquatic voyage across continents to understand hallucinogenic fish.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

Inside a Clandestine Mushroom Lab

Hamilton meets a few mushroom kingpins in their subterranean mushroom chamber.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

A Traditional Salvia Ceremony in Oaxaca

Hamilton seeks out a shaman to perform the traditional ceremony honoring the psychedelic plant Salvia divinorum.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / S1 EP3

Shepherdess: The Story of Salvia Divinorum

From Oaxaca to YouTube, Hamilton investigates the plant Salvia divinorum.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / S1 EP4

Magic Mushrooms in Mexico

Hamilton meets Mexican mushroom shamans, clandestine growers and taxonomists.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

Talking to PCP Advocate Timothy Wyllie

Hamilton meets Timothy Wyllie, an artist and founding member of The Process Church whose experiences on PCP led him to be an advocate of the drug's use.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

We Watched a Scientist Synthesize PCMO in a Lab

Hamilton tracks down a former PCP cook and uses his recipe to try to make the liquid version of the drug in a lab.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / S1 EP2

A Positive PCP Story

Hamilton meets PCP users, dealers, chemists, and dolphin telepathy enthusiasts.