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QC Bud: The Black Market's Last Stand

With cannabis legalization around the corner, the “green rush” is already starting in Quebec. This VICE doc explores what the complicated transition from a black to a legal cannabis market will look like in Quebec.
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No Money, No Booze: We Went to the Rainbow Gathering in Quebec

This past summer we went to the Quebec wilderness to experience a natural detox from the hectic city at a Rainbow Gathering
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Photographer Recreates Donald Trump's Most Controversial Moments

Quebec photographer Jean Malek has turned those controversial Trump moments into a photo series called 'Locker Room.'

Dead Obies: Made au Québec

Lors de trois des derniers concerts à guichet fermé du groupe post-rap Dead Obies à Montréal, plus de la moitié des spectateurs étaient mineurs.
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Quebec's Boreal Forest Could Be a Noah's Ark for Canadian Wildlife

While the threat of fires grows in Western Canada, hotter and drier weather in Quebec is likely to turn the province's massive boreal forest into a refuge for plants
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Former Member of Hasidic Community Sues Quebec Over Education

Lowen is now suing the Quebec government for neglecting the education of hundreds of Hasidic children.
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March 21 - The Walrus Love Triangle at a Quebec Aquarium

Plus, we check out how one B.C. pot activist is pushing the legal boundaries around growing your own weed.

The Hunt For Shale Gas On Quebec's Deer Infested Island

Anticosti is nestled in the heart of the St-Lawrence river but it’s on the front lines of a major environmental controversy.

FEMEN Sextremism in Canada

FEMEN "sextremists" have now set up shop in more than ten countries, but only have one active branch in North America.