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Building Creative Communities with Autism Fitness

Eric Chessen founded Autism Fitness in 2013. His personal training sessions for children and adults on the autism spectrum build not only physical fitness, but social and creative skills as well.
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The Experimental Ketamine Cure for Depression

Could the club drug ketamine be the best hope for curing chronic depression?
First Aid for the Apocalypse

How to Manage a Snake Bite

In an uncertain future, you need to be prepared. Here's a first-aid guide.
First Aid for the Apocalypse

How to Treat a Laceration

In an uncertain future, you need to be prepared. Here's a first-aid guide.
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Writer Ariel Henley on Disability in the Media

Ariel Henley was born with Crouzon syndrome; a genetic disorder that affects the shape of the head and face. A writer, Henley is pushing for greater representation of disability and people with facial defects in the media.
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The Effects of Putting Weed in Your Coffee

There's a misconception that if you combine two drugs you'll get the best of both worlds.
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Gay Body Liberation

Mental health therapist Zach Rawlings discusses the body image issues that many members of the gay community face.
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Dr. Lucy Kalanithi on Coping with Loss and Grief

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi is a physician, a mother, and a widow. Her late husband, Dr. Paul Kalanithi, died in 2015 at age 37.
First Aid for the Apocalypse

How to Stop Arterial Bleeding

In an uncertain future, you need to be prepared. Here is your guide to stop arterial bleeding.
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Cursing Parents

Patricia and Koran Irvine discuss cursing around their children.
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Health Crazed: Kratom

Kratom is a plant used traditionally to reduce pain in users, but it's not void of controversy.
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Health Crazed: Sound Baths

Sound baths are a new form of meditation, where instruments are used to create vibrations that put participants in a relaxed state.