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Barnen som lever utanför könsnormerna

Vi åker till Örebro där vi träffar en familj som väljer att leva utanför samhällets könsnormer.

Skönhetstävlingen i Colombia för ursprungsbefolkningens transkvinnor

VICE träffar transkvinnor från ursprungsbefolkningen i Leticia och följer med när de genomgår hormonbehandlingar, jobbar sig igenom familjeproblem och arrangerar en skönhetstävling.

FAFSWAG: Aucklands voguingscen

För fler och fler unga hbtq-personer i Auckland har voguingscenen blivit en plattform för uttryck och trygghet. Vi träffar några av scenens stjärnor för att förstå hur deras personliga resa flätas samman med voguing.
VICE Labs / S1 EP239

Traveling While Trans: Bryn

Brynn talks about her experiences flying from North Carolina and the anxiety around using her an old ID.
Creators Meets / web

A Fiery Attack on Gender Norms

We meet with personal trainer-turned-performance artist Cassils, who uses the body as a form of social sculpture, examining strength, violence, power, and vulnerability by testing the limits of endurance and empathy.
VICE Shorties

Thomas Morton Tried to Learn About Trans Culture at His Library

'BALLS DEEP' host Thomas Morton brings us back to his library to talk about the books he read before he immersed himself in the word of two t-girls from the Bronx.
Balls Deep / S2 EP4


Thomas joins two young transwoman as they transition in the Bronx.
Balls Deep / Clip

A Support System for the Trans Community

Thomas visits the New York City Anti-Violence Project, where transwoman Chanel Lopez works to provide a safe place for the trans community.
Balls Deep / Clip

A Transwoman’s Beauty Routine

Chanel "International" Lopez takes us through her beauty routine and explains why it's important to differentiate between trans and drag.
Underreported Greece

Transgender in Greece

We met two young trans people to see how life treats them in the country of Greece.
Broadly Meets

Ex-Scientology Leader and Trans Icon Kate Bornstein on What It Takes to Survive

After being exiled from the Scientology Church she became an underground queer artist, a transsexual icon, and one of the most important gender theorists in the world.
Daily VICE

'It Was the Worst Time of My Life': A Transgender Syrian Refugee Tells Us Her Story

It's been about six months since the first Syrian refugees started arriving in Canada as part of the government's resettlement program.