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Sydstaternas slaveri-utredare

VICE åkte till Louisiana för att träffa Antoinette Harrell, en släktforskare som spårar nutida fall av slaveri och arbetsförhållanden där människor exploateras.

#waypoint72 Game 27 - Sonic Megamix

To celebrate the launch of Waypoint, VICE's new gaming website, we decided to do a massive, 72 hour long livestream over Halloween weekend.
VICE Shorties

Livet som ickebinär tonåring

VICE korrespondent Amelia Abraham undersökte nyligen Sveriges rykte som ett av världens mest progressiva länder när det kommer till att ifrågasätta könsroller.
VICE Shorties

Britain First vs Antifascists vs Police

On Saturday, Britain First held a protest against terrorism following the Westminster terror attack. We were there amongst the chaos to see who came out on top.
VICE Labs / S1 EP239

Traveling While Trans: Bryn

Brynn talks about her experiences flying from North Carolina and the anxiety around using her an old ID.
VICE Shorties

Hur man gör en b gangster-film

Gangster Videos är ett produktionsbolag som specialiserar sig på våldsamma straight-to-DVD-filmer. Vi följde med till inspelningen av deras senaste film 'Mob-Handed' eftersom det lät kul.
Question Of The Day

Should George Osborne Be the Editor of the Evening Standard?

George Osborne, a standing Conservative MP and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer has just been named the editor of The Evening Standard. We went out to ask people whether they think this is a good idea.
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Portraits of Young Hollywood: Anna Rose Holmer

Director Anna Rose Holmer discusses her experience working within the film industry and what she wants to do next following her break out film, 'The Fits.'
Question Of The Day

What Should Beyoncé Name Her Twins?

Beyoncé continued her total internet domination with an Instagram post announcing her second pregnancy. What should the twins be called? And does anyone IRL care?
VICE Labs / S1 EP213

VICELAND At The Women’s March: Donna Hylton

"We will no longer be silenced. We will no longer be abused." - Donna Hylton speaks about the significance of the Women's March.
VICE Shorties

VICE Magazine Tech Issue: Dating App Hackers

Computer programmer Sharif Corinaldi discusses the nature of dating apps and the hack he created to optimize the user experience.
VICE Shorties

VICE Tech Issue: The Toxic Side of Recycling Old Technology

A look into the hazardous and expensive obstacles that have prevented society from properly recycling cathode ray tube monitors.