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How Thomas Morton Prepared to Face Death

The VICELAND host of 'BALLS DEEP' takes us back into his library to show us the books he read to prepare to assist with an autopsy.
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Thomas Morton Tried to Learn About Trans Culture at His Library

'BALLS DEEP' host Thomas Morton brings us back to his library to talk about the books he read before he immersed himself in the word of two t-girls from the Bronx.

#waypoint72 Game 6 - Gears of War 4 with Desus & Mero

To celebrate the launch of Waypoint, VICE's new gaming website, we decided to do a massive, 72 hour long livestream over Halloween weekend.
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The Books That Can Tell Us About Trump and His Supporters

'Balls Deep' host Thomas Morton explains how 'All the King's Men' and 'The True Believer' prepared him to meet Ralph Case, one of the Republican nominee's biggest supporters.
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The LGBTQ Issues at Stake in This Year's Election

On this episode of 'Daily VICE', we sit down with Ian Daniel, co-host of VICELAND's 'GAYCATION', to talk about how the outcome of this election could affect the LGBTQ community.
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'He's Into Provocation': Sex and Catholicism in Lars von Trier's Films

'He's Into Provocation': Sex and Catholicism in Lars von Trier's Films
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How A Brush With Death Inspired the Opening for Matty Matheson's New VICELAND Show

We talk to Matty about the chaos of the opening sequence of Dead Set On Life and the adventures we can expect in his new show.
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The Sony Hack: Investigating One of the Worst Cyber Attacks on an American Company

In a new episode of Cyberwar, Ben Makuch investigates the Sony Hack — and in this extra scene we learn more about the shadowy world of geo-political cyberattacks.
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Why It's Still Hard to Reach a Notorious Hacker, Even When He's In Prison

Host Ben Makuch tells us about tracking down infamous hacker Jeremy Hammond and getting his side of a story that landed the former Anonymous member in U.S. federal prison