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Danmarks mest abortkyndige læge afliver myter

Kan en abort ødelægge ens muligheder for at blive gravid senere i livet? Og kan man se fosteret i toilettet ved en medicinsk abort? Vi har spurgt.
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Seven states have only one remaining abortion clinic

Directors and physicians at the last clinics in these seven states spoke with VICE News.
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The 44th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

44 years ago the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, made abortion legal across the United States.
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The Unstoppable Wendy Davis on the Fight for Abortion Rights

We sat down with former Texas state senator Wendy Davis to discuss the harsh abortion restrictions she filibustered in 2013 & the future of women's reproductive health.
The 2016 US Election / Yderligere scene

Pro-Life Counseling in Colorado

VICE News visits the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center to see how these centers work.
The 2016 US Election

Pro-Choice in Colorado

VICE News heads to Colorado to find out how candidate stances on reproductive rights will impact the decision of voters on Super Tuesday.
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Drone Delivered Abortion Pills & the Fight for Reproductive Rights

The story of the abortion pill and the people who don't want you to take it.
VICE Canada Reports

Abortion Access in the Maritimes

Sarah Ratchford investigates abortion access in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, two provinces with restricted access to abortions.

FEMEN Sextremism in Canada

FEMEN "sextremists" have now set up shop in more than ten countries, but only have one active branch in North America.
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The Fake Abortion Clinics of America

VICE News investigated the misleading practices used by crisis pregnancy centers to draw in women with unplanned pregnancies.