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Rat Park

A forgotten experiment by a Canadian psychologist from the 1970's called Rat Park shows us that drug addiction is not really about drugs themselves.
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Black Panther’s Wakanda Is Real — And It’s In Chicago

VICE News went to Chicago to see what it looks like to recreate Wakanda.
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This Teenager Is Fighting Climate Change by Suing the Government

Trailer for "Climate Changer"
Foreign Fighter Diary

En svensk dagbog fra krigen mod IS, del 2

Firat føler sig tryggere ved fronten i krigen mod Islamisk Stat end hjemme i Sverige.
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Sådan skal du slibe dine køkkenknive

I New York findes der en eksklusiv knivbutik, Korin, som ikke bare sælger knive, men som har alverdens slibesten til at holde dit stål skarpt.
Foreign Fighter Diary

En svensk dagbog fra krigen mod Islamisk Stat

Firat fra Göteborg giver os en opdatering fra frontlinjen i kampen mod IS i Syrien.
Foreign Fighter Diary

Hvad pakker man, når man skal i krig mod Islamisk Stat?

Svenske Firat pakker sine tasker, før han skal i krig. Om to timer rejser han fra Sverige til Syrien for at tage del i kampen mod IS.
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Kødpølse-bowl med Matty Matheson

Er du klar til at opleve Matty Mathesons til dato vildeste opskrift? Det her er en kødpølse-bowl tilberedt i mikroovn.
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Høj på hostesaft i Zimbabwe

Vi rejste til Zimbabwe kort efter diktator Robert Mugabes fald for at undersøge et stigende misbrug af hostesaft blandt landets unge.

Biofabricate: DIY Body Parts

Motherboard went to Biofabricate, a conference about the future of biomaterials to speak with Andrew Pelling who is developing DIY CO2 incubator kits. Something he hopes will allow people to grow their own human and animal tissues from home.

Biofabricate: The Pure Human Project

Tina Gorjanc is challenging the future of how we commodify human genetic material when it comes using it for the production of luxury goods.
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Action Bronson Made A Beer

Action Bronson beer launch at The Well in Brooklyn, NY