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Chinese women are getting rich by simply live streaming their days

VICE News visits a live streaming factory in Wuhan to find out how the business works, and spends a day with Huan Huan, a young woman who goes live a couple of hours a day, showing no skin, and rakes in up to $20,000 a month.
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Catalans do not agree on the idea of splitting from Spain

VICE News follows Catalonia's fight for independence and the confusion spurred over what a potential breakup would really mean for Spain and Europe.
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The MTV Taylor Swift Music Video Premiere Awards

This year's awards combined pop glitz with sombre moments, making for one confusing evening
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Beach Fossils break down how they wrote Saint Ivy

In a new series called Beat Break, Beach Fossils breaks down how they composed Saint Ivy, a song from their upcoming album Somersault, out this Friday
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China’s Hottest Boy Band is Made up of All Girls

With Asian pop acts suddenly dominating charts around the world, a new band called FFC-Acrush hopes to be China’s answer to K-Pop.
Dead Set On Life / S3 EP6

Two Big Chefs in Kiwi Country

Morgan & Matty are two big dawgs on a Māori mission in New Zealand.
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The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

VICE investigates the flourishing trade in animal trafficking and how it impacts the depleting wildcat populations of Central and East Africa.
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Seeing New York through Daniel Arnold's Eyes

Creators spends the day with Daniel Arnold, a photographer who has gained rapid success on social media for his spontaneous, candid portraits of every day city life
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Alexandra Marzella's Unapologetic Nude Self-Portraits

Alexandra Marzella investigates the notions of truth, beauty, and sexuality through the medium of Instagram.
The THUMP Guide to Clubbing

How To Get A Drink In A Crowded Club

In this episode of The Thump Guide to Clubbing, guests example and the best, and worst, ways to get a drink in a crowded club.
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Vi har talt med instruktøren Mike Mills om hans seneste film '20th Century Women'

I dette afsnit af 'VICE Talks Film' taler vi med Mike Mills om hans selvbiografiske film, der har Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig, and Elle Fanning på rollelisten
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Marina Abramovic er stadig fuldstændig ligeglad

Vi taler med Marina Abramović om hendes rejse fra en ulykkelig opvækst i det kommunistiske Jugoslavien til et liv som stjerne på den internationale kunstscene