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Der Alltag einer Transfrau, die früher als Neonazi gegen queere Menschen hetzte

Früher kämpfte Dajana Pospiš als Teil einer rechtsextremen serbischen Gruppierung gegen die LGBTQ-Community, heute gehört sie als Transfrau selbst dazu. Aber das fällt ihr nicht immer leicht.
Out of This World

meet the political artists and musicians creating safe spaces in johannesburg

Out Of This World's series finale sees Mykki meet FAKA a ground-breaking performance art-duo, Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The three discuss queer erasure and celebrating their community LGBTQI through their work.
Out of This World

south africa's queer fashion designers and trans activists subverting masculinity

The second episode of Out Of This World brings you Mykki's exploration of fashion in Johannesburg. Mykki meets local designer Rich Mnisi and model Luke van der Burg.
Out of This World

mykki blanco - out of this world: johannesburg's born free queer creatives

Out Of This World follows Mykki Blanco as he explores queer culture in Johannesburg. Mykki meets artists, designers, models and dancers of the 'Born Free' generation, voicing issues of their sexuality, gender, identity and humanity.

Meet the Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality

VICE China met up with trans men and woman across the country to hear about the discrimination they face at work, in social circles, and among family—and what they're doing to transform their place in Chinese society.
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Istanbul police break up Pride rallies with tear gas

Istanbul police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on LGBTQ supporters to enforce a ban on Pride parades.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Inside the prison in Chechnya where gay men say they were tortured

VICE News reports on the alleged torture and murder of gay men in the predominantly Muslim republic of Chechnya.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Crowds Cheered As Gay Men Were Caned Dozens of Times in Indonesia

Crowd chants as two gay men in Indonesia are publicly caned for having sex
ACLU and U

LGBTQ Rights in Bathrooms

ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio explains HB 142, a controversial law that excludes trans people from public restrooms.

Mød den homoseksuelle mexicanske wrestler 'Liberace of Lucha Libre'

VICE Mexico tager dig med i ringen med den mexicanske wrestlingstjerne, Cassandro som udkæmper hver kamp i drag.
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Chelsea Manning's Attorney on Her Prison Sentence

She was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but will walk free this year after having her sentence commuted by Obama in his last week in office.
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Gay blood: A year of abstinence to donate

VICE travels to Washington D.C. to meet a man drawing attention to prohibitive restrictions on blood donations from gay men.