Noisey Shorties

Jesus Loves Goths

VICE’s Jak Hutchcraft stumbled across a bible study group for metalheads, punks and goths and then spent time with them to see how they manage to combine their love of dark, gothic imagery and heavy music with a Christian lifestyle.
Motherboard Shorties

How to Upgrade the RAM in a 2017 iMac

Motherboard EIC Jason Koebler tests whether he -- as a novice -- is able to replace the RAM in his brand new, 21.5 inch iMac.
VICE Shorties

Sådan laver man en pædofil gangsterfilm

Kom med bag kameraet på en britisk actionfilm.
Creators Shorties

Orbit at The Whitney

In February, The Whitney Museum of American Art presented Red In View (Orbit), a 10 day continuous performance art piece by artists MPA, Amapola Prada, and Elizabeth Marcus-Sonenberg.
Creators Shorties

Inside Bjarne Melgaard's Fashion Purge

During New York Fashion Week, artist Bjarne Melgaard staged "The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment" to accompany a new exhibit of his line of distressed, destroyed and deconstructed fashion. Creators was there to capture the reactions.
VICE Shorties

Who's Hungover at Work?

VICE's Taji Ameen finds out who's hungover at the New York office.
VICE Shorties

ACT UP and the Fight Against AIDS

Peter Staley talks about his work with ACT UP and the fight against AIDS in the 80s and 90s.
VICE Shorties

VICE Magazine Tech Issue: Multimedia Artists Revitalize Self Portraiture

Visit the studio of Jeremy Couillard, a multimedia artist who uses 3D-printed sculpture, painting, film, and video games to offer out-of-body journeys to the afterlife.
VICE Shorties

VICE Magazine Tech Issue: VR Porn

'Future Sex' author Emily Witt recalls her encounters with looming sex gods, tentacle monsters, and pneumatic dominatrices.
First Aid for the Apocalypse

How to Treat a Laceration

In an uncertain future, you need to be prepared. Here's a first-aid guide.
VICE Shorties

VICE Magazine Tech Issue: Dating App Hackers

Computer programmer Sharif Corinaldi discusses the nature of dating apps and the hack he created to optimize the user experience.
VICE Shorties

VICE Tech Issue: The Toxic Side of Recycling Old Technology

A look into the hazardous and expensive obstacles that have prevented society from properly recycling cathode ray tube monitors.