#waypoint72 Game 27 - Sonic Megamix

To celebrate the launch of Waypoint, VICE's new gaming website, we decided to do a massive, 72 hour long livestream over Halloween weekend.
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The Young Taxidermist Giving New Life to Dead Animals

What do you see when you imagine a taxidermist? You probably envision an older man or a scientist, but taxidermy is actually making a come back among young millennials who are interested in the DIY aspect of the craft.
The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

The Future of Energy: Cleaning Up the Grid

Energy distribution in the United States has long been dependent on coal and gas, but there is a new path to move towards renewable and clean energy.
Know Your Rights

Filming the Police

If you're concerned that the police might be overstepping their authority or violating somebody's rights, you can and probably should take out your phone.
Know Your Rights

Data at the Border

Extreme vetting is happening every day at the U.S. border, and that vetting extends to your phone.
Know Your Rights

Marijuana Legalization

The rollout of marijuana legislation in the US is nothing short of complicated. Here's how to smoke and stay on the right side of the law.
VICE Labs / S1 EP239

Traveling While Trans: Bryn

Brynn talks about her experiences flying from North Carolina and the anxiety around using her an old ID.
VICE Shorties

Sådan laver man en pædofil gangsterfilm

Kom med bag kameraet på en britisk actionfilm.
Question Of The Day

Hvad skal Beyoncé kalde sine tvillinger?

Beyoncé fortsatte sin totale internetdominans med et Instagram, hvor hun afslørede, at hun er gravid for anden gang. Men hvad skal tvillingerne hedde? Og er der overhovedet nogen IRL, der går op i det?
VICE Labs / S1 EP213

VICELAND At The Women’s March: Donna Hylton

"We will no longer be silenced. We will no longer be abused." - Donna Hylton speaks about the significance of the Women's March.
VICE Shorties

VICE Magazine Tech Issue: Dating App Hackers

Computer programmer Sharif Corinaldi discusses the nature of dating apps and the hack he created to optimize the user experience.
VICE Shorties

VICE Tech Issue: The Toxic Side of Recycling Old Technology

A look into the hazardous and expensive obstacles that have prevented society from properly recycling cathode ray tube monitors.