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The Fugitive Flyweight: VICE Sports Meets

The episode jumps between the night of the world title eliminator and two weeks prior as Omari retraces his steps back to the tobacco farm and catches up with old friends who helped him on his journey.
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Fútbol y homofobia

En España, ningún jugador de élite ha reconocido públicamente su condición homosexual. Hablamos con el único árbitro que sí lo ha hecho sobre su vida tras salir del armario.

Juiced Up: Swole Ep. 3

Um seine Leistung zu steigern, nimmt der Bodybuilder Mike Bolkovic seit acht Jahren Testosteron. Wir begleiten ihn in seinem Alltag, um zu sehen, wie sich das Mittel auf seinen Lifestyle und sein Sozialleben auswirkt.

Dan Leung on Falling In and Out of Love with Skating

VICE went to Shanghai to meet the Chinese pro skater who tore it up for more than a decade before taking a three-year hiatus.
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Bloodlust: Tournament of Death

Damian Abraham goes to Delaware to get an inside look at one of the most violent wrestling tournaments in the world.
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MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons

Every year there is a medieval style combat tournament that takes place in a castle in Europe; that means swords, full body armor, and shields.

Kid Yamaka

Explore Zachary "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman’s troubled background in Los Angeles and his path to personal redemption through boxing.
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Nairobi's Box Girls Fight Back

Wir haben einen Tag mit der kenianischen Organisation Boxgirls verbracht, um herauszufinden, wie das Boxen den dortigen Frauen die Möglichkeit gibt, sich gegen sexuelle Gewalt zu wehren.
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The Ugandan Snowboarder Gunning for the Olympics

The places represented in the Winter Olympics, and snowboarding in particular, tend to be pretty easy to predict - North America, Europe, Japan every once in a while. But never Africa. Brolin Mawejje is looking to change that.
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Bare Knuckle

Once regarded as something that happens exclusively in Guy Ritchie films and on gypsy sites, bare knuckle boxing is fast becoming a thriving scene in the UK – the ultimate British bloodsport.