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In partnership with On Running, we have captured all the endorphin-inducing elements that put the fit! in fitness.

Zu Besuch bei den Fußballfans, die Diego Maradona wortwörtlich anbeten

Wir haben die Mitglieder der Maradonian Church gefragt, warum sie eine Religion für den argentinischen Fußballspieler gegründet haben – inklusive Gebeten, Taufen und Zehn Geboten.
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Dieser Künstler bemalt Sneaker für NBA-Stars

Salvador “Kickstradomis” Amezcua hat einzigartige Schuhe für über 50 NBA-Profis entworfen – von James Harden bis Karl-Anthony Towns.
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The Vikings Who Shocked Ronaldo: The Unbelievable Rise of Iceland Soccer

With a population of just 325,000, Iceland has long been a footballing minnow. Yet, 16 years ago, the nation decided to change that.
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Sand, Speed und Adrenalin: Neun Tage Off-Road-Racing in der Wüste vor Abu Dhabi

Beim Liwa Sports Festivals rasen die besten Off-Road-Racer des Nahen Ostens über eine der größten Sanddünen der Welt.
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Will Greenwood’s Arctic Adventure: Challenge

Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood is about to embark on one of the toughest challenges of his life: trekking to the North Pole. We are joining him along the way.
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Inside Westside Barbell, Powerlifting's Most Exclusive and Controversial Gym

In the dead center of Ohio, inside a dingy warehouse littered with weights and what looks like torture devices lies powerlifting’s most controversial and exclusive gym- Westside Barbell.
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Carmelo Anthony in Cuba

Carmelo Anthony travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.

Luo Jian Shen Is a Small Skater Known for Big Tricks

Since he first started skating, Luo Jian Shen has always tried to punch above his weight—a commitment that's helped make him one of the only pros in Guangzhou, China.
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The Kinder, Gentler Side of Team Enjoi (Deleted Scene)

Sure it's worth a few points but Team Enjoi still spends a few hours helping a stranded family fix a flat tire.
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The Fugitive Flyweight: VICE Sports Meets

The episode jumps between the night of the world title eliminator and two weeks prior as Omari retraces his steps back to the tobacco farm and catches up with old friends who helped him on his journey.
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Riding Horses For Ramadan

The Prophet Muhammed once said all Muslims need to learn three things: horse riding, archery, and swimming. VICE Indonesia's Yudistira Dilianzia learned that this is easier said than done.