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Italienische Fisch-Eiscreme

Simone De Feo von der Cremeria Capolinea in Reggio nell'Emilia hat uns gezeigt, wie man mit Anchovis, Kabeljau und Lachs leckeres Eis macht.
Chef's Night Out / web

New York City with Scarr's Pizza

Born and bred New Yorker Scarr Pimentel's Chef's Night Out in New York City was a homecoming like no other. Scarr, the chef and co-owner of Scarr's Pizza in the Lower East Side, gathers up some old friends to visit his former stomping grounds.
How-To / web

Salt Bake a Fish with Chet Faker and Magnus Reid

Magnus Reid, of London's Legs Restaurant, stops by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show us the best way to salt bake a fish with musician Nick Murphy (aka Chet Faker).
The Sushi Chef

On the Art and Practice of Sushi with Masaharu Morimoto

Masaharu Morimoto is most famously known for being an Iron Chef, but there is another side of him we don't get to see too often.
The Sushi Chef

Sushi Ko's John Daley

When Chef Daley makes sushi for his patrons, his personality is just as important as the food.

The Riff Raff Weight Gain Diet

Rapper Riff Raff is on tour—and is set on fueling his body the right way.
How-To / web

How to Eat Sushi

Coming to you straight from the sushi chef’s mouth, MUNCHIES presents the dos and don’ts of eating sushi, as taught by Tokyo’s Naomichi Yasuda.
MUNCHIES Guide to... / web

Oregon: Water's Bounty (Part 4)

Gabi travels from the rocky coast to the Deschutes River in eastern Oregon to sample everything the state's waters have to offer.