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How Stage 4 Cancer Changed Me as a Tattoo Artist

Sue Jeiven is a tattoo artist in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She's also living with Stage 4 breast cancer. We met her to talk about her work, her life, and her art serving as her legacy.
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Auf der Jagd nach natürlichen Highs in den Bergen Japans

Unser Kollege Fernando Perez ist nach Asien gereist, um dort mithilfe des alten spirituellen Volksglaubens Shugendo zur Erleuchtung zu finden. Dabei entdeckt er aber noch so viel mehr.
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The Modern-Day Benefits of Leeches

Tonic's Dhani Oks explains the medicinal benefits of leeches, which are rumored to help with painfully long erections and reattach severed limbs.
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Songbirds and Brain Research

Could songbirds teach us how to treat speech disorders?
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Hacking The Nervous System: Wie ein Gynäkologe Querschnittsgelähmte wieder zum Laufen bringt

Prof. Marc Possover hat über 20 Querschnittsgelähmte wieder zum Gehen gebracht, indem er ihnen Schrittmacher in die Hüfte implantierte. Er hat uns exklusiv seine Geschichte erzählt.
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The Opioid Effect: Maine's Fishing Community Battles with Heroin

In 2016, the state of Maine averaged one drug overdose death a day, with the vast majority of those deaths by heroin. VICE goes behind the numbers to the fishing town of Machias to meet people whose lives have been affected by the heroin epidemic.
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How New York's Outdated Abortion Laws are Hurting Women

TONIC's Kate Lowenstein meets with Erika Christensen, who had an abortion 32 weeks into her pregnancy- to discuss why New York's Reproductive Health Act is so important.
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The Opioid Effect: Inside Pennsylvania's Heroin Epidemic

Prescription opioids are effective in treating pain, but they're also highly addictive and can act as a gateway to heroin abuse. Vice went to Philadelphia to meet some men in recovery and learn about the thin line between treatment and addiction.
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The Opioid Effect: An Ohio Family Rebuilds After Addiction

As part of our ongoing investigation of the opioid epidemic, VICE spent a day in Chillicothe, Ohio following a social worker and meeting a family still dealing with the impact of their daughter's addiction to heroin.
Yes Man

Scalp Micropigmentation

By age 35, roughly half of American men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. To beat biology to the punch, resident "yes man" Grant Stoddard is getting his scalp tattooed. It's a cosmetic trend known as "scalp micropigmentation."
Yes Man

The Cryofacial

Grant Stoddard has made a living writing about health and sex. Now, he's going to explore some of the more unusual beauty crazes gripping New York City. First up, the cryofacial.
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Serbian Brandy Remedy

Meet Mirosanda Perić, woman born under the tree, and watch her using Serbian brandy for all kinds of illnesses.