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Riding Horses For Ramadan

The Prophet Muhammed once said all Muslims need to learn three things: horse riding, archery, and swimming. VICE Indonesia's Yudistira Dilianzia learned that this is easier said than done.
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Fault Lines: Trials and Tribulations on the Streets of Jakarta

Blasphemy trials, massive protests and a divisive campaign have lead to one of the biggest political battles Jakarta has ever seen.

Tipi Gets Tacky in Bali's Hipster Paradise

On this episode of "Searchlight," Tipi Jabrik shows us where to get tacky jackets and why locals want you to stay out of Bali.

Yogyakarta (English)

Ario Bayu heads out to Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. It's a vibrant, art-filled city that mixes the old and the new—with a healthy dose of the weird.

We Went On A Jakarta After Hours Tour With Tara Basro

Jakarta is a city best enjoyed by night, Tara Basro shows us the best spots to catch a show and why street food is better than anything else.
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AWKARIN Doesn't Care About Your Opinions

Karin Novilda is one of Indonesia's biggest social media stars. She's also its most controversial.
Indonesia Riot

Royal Blood: Inside Indonesia’s Lavish, Bloody Funeral Ceremonies

VICE Indonesia visits the highlands of South Sulawesi to see how new money is changing the face of the Torajan people's ancient, and bloody, funeral traditions.
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Joshua Oppenheimer on 'The Look of Silence'

For this episode of VICE Talks Film, Oscar nominated director Joshua Oppenheimer discusses his follow-up film to the critically acclaimed 'The Act of Killing'.