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Vom Strassenhandel hin zum millionenschweren Cannabis-Start-up

Die Besitzer eines erfolgreichen Weed-Unternehmens erklären, wie sie den Übergang vom Schwarzmarkt hin zum legalen Grasgeschäft geschafft haben – und was sich in der Cannabis-Industrie noch ändern muss.

Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

VICE met up with Cheryl Shuman, the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, to find out how catering to A-list celebrities and Hollywood elites made her one of the most successful weed entrepreneurs in California.

Will Mexico Ever Legalize Weed?

From the marijuana fields where weed is grown to the legislative chambers where it's voted on, we take a look at the push to legalize weed in Mexico.
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Cannabis between Pain and Law

Die Debatte über den medizinischen Gebrauch von Cannabis-Öl und Marihuana dauert mittlerweile über ein Jahr an. Wir sprechen mit Betroffenen und einem Dealer.
High Society

How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

We meet growers, medical marijuana users, politicians, and a couple of thieves who have come up with a novel way to make money off the UK cannabis trade.
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Cannabis Creamery

Just in time for summer, we found an ice cream that gets you stoned.
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Make Weed Hot Chocolate

Get ready for the most satisfying and seductive cup of hot chocolate you'll ever wake and bake with.
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Die echte Nancy Botwin aus 'Weeds'

Wir haben die echte Nancy Botwin ausfindig gemacht – Dr. Dina, eine Fachärztin, die Stars wie Snoop Dogg und 2 Chainz mit medizinischem Cannabis versorgt.

High Country: The Future of Weed

Motherboard heads to Denver, ground zero for cannabis legalization, and home to a booming tech sector in what could be called the Silicon Valley of weed
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Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana

Hamilton travels to Swaziland hoping to chemically analyze the cannabinoids present in some of the local strains.