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The Modern-Day Benefits of Leeches

Tonic's Dhani Oks explains the medicinal benefits of leeches, which are rumored to help with painfully long erections and reattach severed limbs.
International Mom Advice

Javanese Vitality Remedy

Meet Arie Seminaryati, mother of two, grandmother of one and vitality remedy queen.
International Mom Advice

Indian Cold Remedy

Meet Mythili Jayaram, mother of three, grandmother of two and cold remedy master.
International Mom Advice

Chinese Wellness Remedy

Meet Gui Ying Lee, mother of two and wellness remedy master.
VICE Shorties

How Thomas Morton Prepared to Face Death

The VICELAND host of 'BALLS DEEP' takes us back into his library to show us the books he read to prepare to assist with an autopsy.
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The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

We travel to Jackson, Mississippi, one of the hardest-hit Southern cities, to investigate why HIV among black gay men has reached epidemic proportions.
VICE News Specials

Abandoned At Home: America's Veteran Crisis

As politicians in Washington wring their hands over the Veterans Affairs scandal, VICE News travels to Portland, Oregon, to see what it’s all really about.
VICE News Specials

Superbugs: The Dark Side of India's Drug Boom

VICE News travels to Hyderabad, India's pharma capital, to see how the pollution from pharmaceutical factories is contributing to antibiotic resistance.
VICE News Specials

Im Affenlabor: Tierversuche an Primaten

Seltene Einblicke in das größte europäische Labor für Affenversuche, wo Forscher versuchen, das Tierwohl gegen die Suche nach Heilmethoden für Krankheiten abzuwägen.
My Life Online

The Internet's Most Famous Coroner

Motherboard goes to New Jersey to visit Nicole Angemi, a coroner who documents her work on Instagram.