The Power of China's Cancel Culture on Foreign Brands Over Xinjiang Cotton | Gen 跟 China

VWN looks at how Chinese consumers are cancelling foreign brands that have chosen not to source cotton from Xinjiang province, over allegations of human rights abuses.
Porsche Sauce Talk

A Silhouette For the Racetrack and the Street | Sauce Talk

To Cheech, what's wrong with a little fashion forward Euro vibe? Absolutely nothing.
Porsche Sauce Talk

Motorsports Meet Sneakerheads | Sauce Talk

VICE's Director of Merchandise, Cheech, gives us the style rundown on Porsche and Puma's latest drop: The Future Rider.
Sneakers by VICE

Skateboarding’s Most Iconic & Controversial Sneaker

The Osiris D3 is one of the most successful yet divisive skate shoes of all time. VICE met creators of the Osiris D3 to learn how the notorious sneaker came to be and the fallout that resulted in the wake of its success.
Sneakers by VICE

From Dorm T-Shirts to Paris Fashion Week: KidSuper | Common Threads

Colm ‘KidSuper’ Dillane went from selling handmade t-shirts out of his college dorm room to having artists like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and J Balvin buying up his work.
Sneakers by VICE / Extra Scene

Inside the Secret $4 Million Sneaker Vault

VICE took a tour of Project Blitz, one of the world's most exclusive sneaker collections, with sneakerhead and influencer, Yeezy Busta, who gave us the story behind many of the vault’s most priceless pairs.
Sneakers by VICE

Exposing Celebrities' Fake Sneakers and the Counterfeit Hype Economy: Yeezy Busta

Meet Yeezy Busta, a sneakerhead who, after being gifted a pair of fake Yeezys in 2017, trained himself to became a skilled authenticator of real versus fake sneakers.