Decade of Hate


Decade of Hate

A New Brand of Hindu Extremism is Going Global

Extreme Hindu nationalism is fuelling violence and sparking fears for the future of Indian democracy – and is now spreading its influence across the world, and winning admirers among Western extremists.
Decade of Hate

The Dangerous Rise of Israeli Ultra-Nationalists

Israel has seen a decades-long movement of extremist thugs and militant settlers, resulting in an extremist government – threatening the country’s democracy itself.
Decade of Hate

The Influencers Driving a Violent Groomer Conspiracy

Libs of TikTok began as an anonymous account. Now it is one of the most influential political forces in America - with the LGBTQ community firmly in its crosshairs.
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The Animal Sacrificing White Supremacists

Norse mythology and religions are electrifying the far-right. With a startling pattern of violence being driven by the right’s obsession with all things viking.
Decade of Hate

Far-Right Extremists Are Infiltrating the US Elections

People with links to militias and extremist groups are typically known for their anti-government views. But many are now standing as independent politicians, or infiltrating the Republican Party.
Decade of Hate

White Supremacy Meets Eco-Warriors

White supremacy meets environmentalism. Eco-fascism is a racist ideology now gaining momentum in the far right. And it’s been linked to deadly attacks across the world.
Decade of Hate

How Greece Elected Nazis | Decade of Hate

Fascist salutes, extreme violence and murder. For years Greek politics had a major Nazi problem. Luckily, the leaders were thrown in jail. But one got away.