Red Cards

The Death of Will Smith

Red Cards unpacks the shooting of former NFL Saints player, Will Smith. The investigation takes us to New Orleans, a vibrant city with a historically controversial legal system.
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The Vikings Who Shocked Ronaldo: The Unbelievable Rise of Iceland Soccer

With a population of just 325,000, Iceland has long been a footballing minnow. Yet, 16 years ago, the nation decided to change that.
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How To Make Friends as a Grown Man

The older you get, the more your world starts to shrink, and the less guys (both new & old) are around us. In this video, we document the journey & results of our host Micah Greenwood attempting to make new friends, by the usual & not so usual routes
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What it's like to take care of multiple family members at age 15

As the only able-bodied person in his home, Jonathan has to take care of his mother, brother and grandmother
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The Tony Romo Experience

VICE Sports explains Tony Romo's recent decision to retire and what it means for him as a player and the league in general.
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Multipurpose Stadiums

VICE Sports explains the history of multipurpose stadiums and why they have fallen out of style with professional football and baseball franchises.
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Marshawn Lynch

VICE Sports explains Beast Mode's impact on the NFL and what his impending return to football means for players and fans.
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Toradol in the NFL

VICE Sports explains prescription drugs in the NFL and how they affect players on and off the field.
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The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez

VICE Sports explains the tragic events that led to Aaron Hernandez's death.
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Weed In The NFL

VICE Sports Explains the NFL’s policy on marijuana and how it's hard moral stance has affected both players and the league in general.
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Tim Tebow

Vice Sports Explains the enigma of Tim Tebow and how his fame hinges on much more than athletic achievement.
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The Salary Cap

VICE Sports Explains the NFL Salary Cap, how it is calculated, why it is needed to level the playing field, and what teams are doing to manipulate the system.