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The Knuckleball

VICE Sports explains the knuckleball and how this trick pitch is one of the hardest to hit in baseball.
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Rally Caps

VICE Sports explains one of baseball's most unusual traditions, the Rally Cap.
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

VICE Sports explains the history behind the classic song, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
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Bench Clearing Brawls

VICE Sports explains how fights and in the MLB escalate to bench clearing brawls.
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The Seventh-Inning Stretch

VICE Sports explains the history behind baseball’s time honored tradition, the Seventh-Inning Stretch.
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Bat Flips

VICE Sports explains how the controversial practice of Bat Flips in Major League Baseball has divided the league on cultural and traditional lines.
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MLB Instant Replay Rules

As the sport most engrained in tradition, baseball was one of the last major four to implement an instant replay system to confirm or reverse calls on the field.
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The Greatest Cuban Baseball Player You've Never Heard Of

Carlos Tabares is a legend, even though he never came to the US. Instead, he turned down multimillion dollar offers to stay with his family in Cuba.
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The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod's 3000th Hit

We hung out with Zack Hample in the days following his famous catch and saw how the media responded when he didn't give the ball back.
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Max Scherzer On Throwing No-Hitters and His Dichromatic Eyes

Max Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in baseball. It doesn't hurt that he stares down hitters with two different color eyeballs.
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The Education Crisis Crippling Dominican Baseball Players

VICE Sports heads to Boca Chica to investigate educational reforms within the baseball infrastructure of the Dominican Republic.
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Dee Gordon Never Wanted to Play Baseball

VICE Sports sat down to talk with Gordon about his journey to becoming an All Star.