Tavern-Style Pizza | The Cooking Show

Farideh and pro pizzaiola Miriam Weiskind make tavern-style pizzas. These crispy and thin homemade pies are topped with a bright cherry tomato sauce and savory cheese blend. Farideh also makes ranch dressing for some rooftop garden side salads.
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Munchies Guide to Late Night Food in Harlem

Tami Treadwell, chef and owner of Harlem Seafood Soul, brings the MUNCHIES crew for a night out in Harlem.
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Big Kev's Sunday Dinner: Smothered Chicken & Gravy

Kevin Bludso of Bludso’s Bar and Que in Los Angeles, CA is making Sunday dinner: smothered chicken with collard greens and mashed potatoes topped with gravy.
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5 Minute Challenge - Cacio e Pepe with Mittens On

Karen Akunowicz, chef & owner at Fox & the Knife in Boston, MA says she can eat cacio e pepe (Italian for cheese and pepper) every day becauese it’s so simple to make. Can this expert pull it off without the use of her fingers? Or will she blow it?
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The Best Non-Po’boy Sandwich in New Orleans: The Muffuletta

Isaac Toups, olive fanatic and owner of Toups Meatery, teaches us how he makes an iconic New Orleans sandwich — and it's not a po' boy.

Italian Combo Calzone | The Cooking Show

Farideh and Massimo Laveglia of L'industrie Pizzeria put a twist on this deli classic. They fill a homemade dough with diced Italian meats, cheeses & pickled peppers that’s baked until crusty and golden and paired with a spicy red wine vinaigrette.
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Making Corndogs From Scratch with Mason Hereford

Mason Hereford, owner of sandwich shop Turkey and the Wolf, shows us the corndog recipe he stole from his friend Via and put into his new cookbook, Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans. Good friend!
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Making Iconic Street Food at Home: Korean Tteokbokki

Ji Hye Kim, chef and owner of Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, MI is making tteokboki, a chewy, crispy, spicy, and savory street snack that’s wildly popular in Korea.
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Make Pupusas Like a Chef at Home

Bryan Ford, TV show host, author, and baker, is making cheesy bean-filled pupusas, a Central American griddle cake that’s served hot with a smoky salsa and crunchy pickled veggies.
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Isaac Toups' Fried Pork Chop Sandwiches

Carnivorous icon Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery in New Orleans, LA is making his fried bone-in pork chop sandwich with zucchini pickles and espresso aioli.
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How to Make Yucca Fries and Sudada

Anita Shepherd of Anita’s Yogurt is making two of her favorite preparations of yuca: yuca fries and yuca sudada.
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Mashed Potato Pork Pie - The Cooking Show

It’s not a shepherd’s pie, it’s not a pot pie: it’s a cottage pie! Farideh’s recipe for pork cottage pie will speak to your soul.