self portraits


Self Portraits

Pabllo Vittar Draws a Self Portrait

Pabllo Vittar draws her first self portrait.
Self Portraits

TisaKorean Draws His Self Portrait

TisaKorean draws himself while talking about 90's cartoons and the evolution of his hair.
Self Portraits

Nef Pharaoh Draws His Self Portrait

Nef Pharaoh breakdowns his high school experience and dyslexia while drawing himself in this episode of Noisey Self Portraits.
Self Portraits

Self Portrait Logan Browning

Logan Browning of Netflix's "Dear White People" and now "The Perfection" opens up while drawing her self portrait at the VICE offices in Brooklyn, NY.
Self Portraits

Ari Lennox Draws Her Self Portrait

Ari Lennox draws her self portrait.
Self Portraits

Billie Eilish Talks Her Love for Anime While Drawing Her Self-Portrait

Billie Eilish breaks down her love for anime, Takashi Murakami, and snakes in this episode of Noisey Self Portraits.
Self Portraits

Blueface Talks Jewelry and Draws His Self-Portrait

Blueface sits down with Noisey to draw his self-portrait.
Self Portraits

Meet the Internet’s favourite teenager: Russell Horning AKA The Backpack Kid

You’ve probably never heard of Russell Horning, but you might have heard of the Backpack Kid, Russell’s online alter-ego whose signature move ‘Flossing’ has skyrocketed him from bedroom dancer to full-blown celebrity.
Self Portraits

Self Portraits: SahBabii

SahBabii draws himself.
Self Portraits

24hrs Draws Himself

24hrs draws himself in Gucci frames and talks about art class, fashion, and that fresh $100 line up.
Self Portraits

Self Portrait: Cardi B

In this episode of Self Portrait, watch Cardi B draw herself and make sure she did not forget to highlight her best assets.