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A Day at the Anarchist's Skatepark with Taji

Taji has always dreamed of visiting Skatopia, the skateboarding mecca in the middle of 88 acres of farmland in Ohio. Today his dream becomes reality.
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On Deck: Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers is an up and coming singer with a passion for skating. She and Taji skate the Williamsburg bridge and talk about her latest single.
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Broken bones, Punk, and the Olympics: Meet Skater Shanae Collins

Shanae Collins has been skating her own way since she was a kid. Fast, hard, aggressive—her style and passion have now placed her on track for the 2020 Olympics.
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new skater girls

We step inside the world of Brighton skater Rianne as she recounts her journey from watching her brother to hitting the streets herself in search of adventure, hanging with her skater friends, to falling in love with the subculture.
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Vegan Curry with Alex Olson

Pro skater Alex Olson is in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show us how to make a vegan Indian curry.

Tipi Gets Tacky in Bali's Hipster Paradise

On this episode of "Searchlight," Tipi Jabrik shows us where to get tacky jackets and why locals want you to stay out of Bali.
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Brian Anderson on Being a Gay Professional Skateboarder

The skateboarding community worships Brian Anderson as a god, but for many years he kept his sexuality a secret from nearly everyone in his life.
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Museum of Feelings

We visit the Museum of Feelings, the mood ring of pop-up art installations.

In Search of Mexico's Top Skate Spots

VICE Mexico followed four of the country's best skaters as they embarked on a road trip in search of good skate spots.
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Pro Skater John Rattray

Caledonia's finest skateboarder discusses thrashing in the homeland.