Bombay Sapphire

Meet the Musician Rethinking "Genre" As We Know It

Stir Creativity with Taja Creek, aka L'Rain, as she sits down with Tschabalala Self to discuss crafting her unique sound.
The Audacity of Design | Presented by Genesis / web

The Engineer Creating A Virtual World Using Natural Sound

On a remote island off the coast of Maine, artist Xin Liu uses thousands of microphones to record and broadcast the sound of the natural landscape to listeners around the world.
Tonic Shorties

Health Crazed: Sound Baths

Sound baths are a new form of meditation, where instruments are used to create vibrations that put participants in a relaxed state.
Street, Sound & Style

Supreme Kids and Online Style

The final episode examines the label obsessed youth of today.
Street, Sound & Style

Mods and 2Tone

The penultimate episode looks at mod and 2tone style of the early 1980s.
Street, Sound & Style

Souls Boys and Casuals

Episode 5 delves into the Soul Boys and Casuals of the 80s.
Street, Sound & Style

Skins and Scooter Boys

The sixth episode in the series investigates skinhead culture and its evolution into scooter boys in the early 80s.
Street, Sound & Style

Grunge and 90s Style Mags

The third episode takes a look at grunge, and the fashion inspired by style mags in the 90s.
Street, Sound & Style

Jungle and Cybergoth

The second episode looks at jungle and the cybergoths of the 1990s.
Street, Sound & Style


The first instalment unpacks the growth of emo and grime in the early noughties.