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Grandma Techno Captures Detroit's Rave Culture

76-year-old Patricia Lay-Dorsey AKA Grandma Techno has been taking photos at Movement festival in Detroit since 2005. We talk with her about her new photo book and how today's dance music culture mirrors the ‘60s.
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Humanizing Iconic Brands Through Art

Briony Douglas collected hundreds of items to create collage sculptures for her exhibition, Homage. Assembled to represent iconic brands, the pieces tell the story of the people behind brands we idolize. We went to her studio to see her work.
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Unearthing the Vibrant History of Black Queer Activism

Legacies in Motion unearths the stories of activism from the Black LGBTQ communities throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. We talk with the exhibit's curator about the erasure of Black queer history and how he wants to unite generations of activists.
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Hooking Political Messages into 'Unwelcome Mats'

‘Progressive Discomfort’ is a new art exhibition of political hooked rugs. Seven artists made ‘Unwelcome Mats’, to address how spaces are inaccessible for marginalized groups. We talked to the curator of the exhibit and one of the artists.
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Turning Death Threats into a Comic Book

The upcoming graphic novel, Death Threat, is a collaboration between artist Ness Lee and writer Vivek Shraya. It's an adaptation of threatening letters Shraya started receiving in 2017. We met up with them to see how they are transforming the hateful narr
Self Portraits

Blueface Talks Jewelry and Draws His Self-Portrait

Blueface sits down with Noisey to draw his self-portrait.
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This Drag Queen Transforms into Nightmarish Creatures

Drag performer Yovska has always been fascinated by the paranormal. He dominates the bizarre category of Toronto's underground ballroom scene with his nightmare-inducing creatures or what he calls, 'fashionable monsters'.
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Fighting the Winter Blues with Light Therapy

We check out the new light therapy exhibit at the MOCA. The room simulates a bright, sunny day and supposedly, can be used to treat seasonal affective disorder. We meet the artist to find out if her room can stave off the winter blues.
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This Artist Makes Powerful Portraits of Black Celebrities

Artist Mickalene Thomas is known for her powerful portraits of Black women including Solange and Michelle Obama. We talked to her about how the women in her work use their platforms to influence others.
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The Sensual Photos of Instagram's Fave Artist

Sarah Bahbah’s colourful, shareable photography has earned her more than 900,000 followers on Instagram and fans like Emma Watson, Noah Centineo and Dylan Sprouse.
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This Artist Offers Tattoos to Cover Self-Harm Scars

Nickola Koukla is a tattoo artist who started Project New Moon, a non-profit that offers free tattoos to cover scars caused by self-harm. We visited her shop to see what the experience is like for her and one of her clients.
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Snotty Nose Rez Kids are Making Trap Anthems for Indigenous Youth

The hip hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids are making what they call “rez bangers” they hope will make Indigenous youth proud of their culture. We visited them in the studio as they worked on their next album.

The YouTuber Who Can Make Herself Disappear

We met up with Kika, a makeup artist with a massive online following, to hear how she made a name for herself by using body paint to create mind-boggling illusions.
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This Artist Builds Sculptures Using Only Black Lego

Artist Ekow Nimako has carved out a niche for himself building sculptures out of black Lego, one of which was recently featured during Toronto's Nuit Blanche. We went to his studio to find out why he's building monuments for Black youth.
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The Challenges of Being a Young Tattoo Artist

Nickola Koukla is a tattoo artist trying to make her name in the crowded tattoo world. We asked her what challenges she has faced as she breaks into the industry.
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The Bootleg Nikes that Got Banned by Big Tobacco

After a DIY designer made a pair of sneakers that riffed on Newport’s packaging, its legal team came after him with everything it had.
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Behind the Scenes at a Drag Show

We go backstage at a drag show to find out what strange questions people ask the queens and what they think about drag going mainstream.
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These Giant Puppets Are Protesting U.S. Politics

Bread and Puppet Theater is a radical troupe of puppeteers that started in the '60s and uses 15-foot puppets to satirize U.S. politics — from immigration to climate change. We went to see them perform and find out what drives their activism.
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This Artist Is Going All-In on Bitcoin

We speak to Lincoln Townley, a star of Britain's contemporary art scene, who is one of the first artists in the world to embrace Bitcoin and create a cryptocurrency-inspired collection.
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This Miniature House Shows How Absurd Rent Is Getting

Artist Anita Bonfini posted a miniature house for rent as a social commentary on how unaffordable cities are becoming. We met up with her to see the tiny house and talk about the backlash her post received.
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This Painting Is Made of Pure Web Code

We find out how web developer Diana Smith turned the internet's HTML and CSS building blocks into an incredibly detailed 18th century portrait inspired by a character from American Dad.
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We Went to an Epic Summer Party Inspired by Burning Man

In the glow of a fire-breathing dragon truck, hundreds of costumed revellers gathered to let loose at a summer party inspired by Burning Man. We went to take in the experience.
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Ai Weiwei Wants You to Rethink the Value of Human Life

Artists Kevin Abosch and Ai Weiwei created Priceless, a digital token and art project based on the Ethereum blockchain to question what we value and to ask why, in an era of refugee crises, we don't put more value on human life.
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The Artist Who Befriends Photo Booths

In fifteen years, Meags Fitzgerald has collected nearly 9,000 photo booth pictures. We visited her workshop to find out how she came to see photo booths as real friends.