Better Man

Hit by a Car, Set on Fire, and Explosions to the Balls

After Taji's Gathering of the Juggalos stunt fail that resulted in police on site and a Juggalo riot, he was fortunate to receive a chance at redemption with the World's Most Dangerous Stunt Group.
Inside My Mind / web

Fred Armisen Meets Tiny Aliens

In this episode we explore inside Fred Armisen's mind where he goes on a journey in space and meets some tiny aliens on the way.
VICE World News APAC

Patriarchy, Punchlines and Pakistan

Being a stand-up comic can be a dangerous job in Pakistan, where being outspoken about beliefs can make one vulnerable to state action and even violent attacks.
Inside My Mind / web

JoJo's Wild Night in Paris

In this episode of Inside my Mind, our host Trey Smith leads singer JoJo on a guided meditation that sees her visiting a relative, chatting with Salvador Dali, and encountering prehistoric life forms.
Better Man / web

How to Seduce Women

Will Taji get lucky and be considered a sexy man by the women of Miami?
One Star Reviews / web

Going Undercover as a Stripper

On the latest One Star Reviews, Taji Ameen is on the search for the lowest rated male strip club in Florida.
Better Man / web

Visiting a Swingers Resort to Become a Better Man

Taji Ameen is on a mission to become a better man by exploring various categories of self-improvement in unlikely places. This time, his journey takes him to a swingers resort to better his communication skills.
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

The Grand Finale

The grand finale of a very specific reality web series, who will win this season of $200 Island???
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

$200 Dries up FAST (On a Hot, Virtual Island) (Episode 3)

Things get heated on $200 Island as our contestants face their second Island Challenge.
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

Budget Cooking Challenge Accepted! (Episode 2)

Our $200 Island contestants get their first Island Challenge, will they rise to the occasion?
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

Surviving on Internet Purchases ONLY (Episode 1)

Two contestants are welcomed to $200 Island, but will they survive the week?
One Star Reviews / web

Getting Frosted Tips at a One Star Hair Salon

On the new season of One Star Reviews, VICE's Taji Ameen has temporarily relocated to Florida where (luckily for the series) businesses remain open. In this episode, Taji visits a hair colorist who has received numerous one star reviews.