VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Sent Fake Versions of Myself to Be on TV | VICE Life Hacks With Oobah Butler

After turning his shed into London's top restaurant and getting a knock-off clothing brand into Paris Fashion Week, VICE's Oobah Butler decides to send fake versions of himself on a global press tour to improve his brand. But can he get away with it?
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Election Night

Following people who have high stakes on the line during the election.
Entertainment Updates / Clip

Nas and BET's New Documentary "Smoke: Marijuana & Black America"

Entertainment updates for VICE TV every Friday.
Recipe For Disaster

Jonnyshipes Tries To Make Pizza Rolls For Kaash Paige

Jonnyshipes has singer-songwriter Kaash Paige stopping by his kitchen to try his homemade pizza rolls. Will he fail or flourish?
People Vs.

Lil Keed Responds to Comments on his Video for "Snake"

Lil Need responds to the army of internet trolls commenting on his music videos for "Snake" and "Wavy."
One Star Product Reviews

Taking a One Star Boat Out to Sea | One Star Reviews

Welcome to One Star Product Reviews.
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Singing Naked in Front of a Room of Strangers

Taji Ameen is on a mission of self improvement. In an online world of overwhelming emotional support, from motivational quotes, to inspirational quotes, to flaunting influencers... he allows the internet to dictate his journey.
Kevin Gates Help Line

Kevin Gates Episode 8

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.
Kevin Gates Help Line

Dating While Autistic

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.
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Facing My Fear of Attack Dogs

Taji attempts to overcome his fear of being attacked by dogs while being blindfolded.
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Make Your Own Lava Lamp | DIY Isolation Items Episode 5

Here is a groovy way to curb your boredom and keep the vibes at an all time high. The DIY lava lamp. Retro style.
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Making a DIY Birdhouse

Still quarantined in Florida, Taji and Frisch decide to try to attract some birds with their very own DIY birdhouse.