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My Best Friend is in Love with Me | Kevin Gates Helpline

On today’s episode – recovering from a loveless marriage, a best friend confessing their love, and advice on how to get your life together.
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Kevin Gates on Why Threesomes Are Good for Monogamy

On today’s episode – out of jail and cheating, 6 kids and no time to breathe, and does true monogamy exist?
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How to Confront A Woman Your Boyfriend Impregnated

On today’s episode – how to live a polyamorous lifestyle, advice on meeting a husband's pregnant girlfriend, and helping troubled friends.
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Kevin Gates Helpline: Sex & Disabilities

Deep thinker and motivational man Kevin Gates and best friend OG Boobie Black, will help pick you up and point you in the right direction.
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Kevin Gates Episode 8

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.
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Dating While Autistic

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.
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How Do I Attract More Women? | The Kevin Gates Helpline

We’ve all got problems. Looking for advice? Well look no further...Multi-platinum rapper Kevin Gates and lifetime best friend OG Boobie Black are here to help VICE viewers with their issues.
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Kevin Gates Helps Win Back Your Ex | Kevin Gates Episode 5

Need advice? Contact us! +1 (718) 215-5701
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It’s Not Cheating If You’re Not Officially in a Relationship

Kevin Gates & OG Boobie Black answer questions about cheating if you're not officially in a relationship, slang for millennial moms, and schadenfreude making you a hater.
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Open Relationships, Jealousy, and Dating with Herpes

Kevin Gates gives callers relationship advice.
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1-800-KEVIN: Rapper Kevin Gates Coaches Stressed Fans

Rapper Kevin Gates enlightens stressed fans with his advice hotline.