Dear Black Love

Dating Your Best Friend: Balancing Faith and Long Distance

On this episode of Dear, Black Love we watch newly married couple, Brea and Mariah, share their modern love story.
The Rainbow Guide to Life

How Holland Came Out as K-Pop’s First Openly Gay Idol | Rainbow Guide to Life

In this episode of Rainbow Guide to Life, K-pop star Holland speaks to us about his coming out story and normalising queer identities in South Korea.

Ο Νοτιοκορεάτης Πάστορας που Αποπέμφθηκε Γιατί Ευλόγησε τη ΛΟΑΤΚΙ Κοινότητα

Το 2019 ο Lee Dong-hwan έγινε ο πρώτος πάστορας της Μεθοδικής εκκλησίας της Νοτίου Κορέας που ευλόγησε τη ΛΟΑΤΚΙ κοινότητα. Η Εκκλησία τον τιμώρησε με παύση 2 ετών.
The Rainbow Guide to Life

What Discrimination Looks Like for Transgender Students in Singapore

VICE World News embeds with the local transgender community to find out the challenges transgender folks face in Singapore schools.
VICE World News APAC

Ζευγάρια ΛΟΑΤΚΙ στην Κίνα Ολοκληρώνουν τις Οικογένειές τους με Παρένθετες Μητέρες

Σε μια κοινωνικά συντηρητική Κίνα, τα δικαιώματα παρένθετης μητρότητας των ατόμων ΛΟΑΤΚΙ βρίσκονται νομικά στη γκρίζα ζώνη.
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Pride Month Showed Progress — Except for J.K. Rowling

The yearly tradition of companies and politicians falling over themselves to recognize queer people is here. Here's how the 50th anniversary of Pride Month was (and wasn't) celebrated this year.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

LGBTQ+ Conservatives and Liberals Talk 2020

Although most LGBT voters identified as Democrats in 2018, being trans, gay or pansexual does not a Democrat make.
Indonesia Riot

Indonesia's First All-Trans Girlband: AMUBA

VICE meets with AMUBA, Indonesia's first all-trans girlband, and learns about their struggle to build a music career in a country where the LGBTQ community is so maligned.
Indonesia Riot

Pride and Prejudice: LGBTQ Rights in Asia's Newest Nation Timor-Leste

VICE travels to Asia's youngest nation of Timor-Leste to march at its annual Pride parade and learn about the LGBTQ community's Pride—and fight—to come out in a deeply religious place. ©Clementino Amaral.
Broadly Specials

Stock Photos Beyond the Binary: Inside 'The Gender Spectrum Collection'

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library made up of nearly 200 new images of trans and non binary individuals intended to portray the under-represented community without clichés.
Wagairah Wagairah

Transqueen India

We go behind the scenes of the second edition of India's first national pageant for transwomen, in Mumbai to explore the notions of beauty and identity.
Broadly Shorties

Fighting in Drag with LGBTQ Wrestlers

For these drag wrestlers, there’s more at stake in the ring than a championship belt.