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Why We Eat Congee, The Humble Rice Porridge

Lucas Sin demonstrates how to make and unpacks the history behind congee, a Chinese rice porridge that has been eaten for centuries.
Quarantine Cooking

Rodney Scott’s Chicken Perloo with Carolina Gold Rice

Rodney Scott is making a treasured dish known around the South: perloo made with smoked chicken.
TABASCO x MUNCHIES "Quarantine Cooking" / web

Ty Demura Makes A Quick & Easy Yakisoba

Chef Ty Demura shares his take on a Japanese sumo stadium classic: yakisoba.
TABASCO x MUNCHIES "Quarantine Cooking" / web

Making Chili Puff Pockets at Home with Lee Tiernan | Quarantine Cooking

Chef Lee Tiernan of Black Axe Mangal showcases for us his take on a football (soccer) stadium essential: The chili puff pocket. A portable pastry for snacking at halftime alongside a pint.
TABASCO x MUNCHIES "Quarantine Cooking" / web

Fried Shrimp Tacos With Avocado Salsa & Tabasco

For Gabriela Cámara, her crispy shrimp tacos are a nod to the pre-quarantine time where you could grab Tacos de Canasta in and around Mexico City’s sports stadium scene.
TABASCO x MUNCHIES "Quarantine Cooking" / web

Chili Cheese Potato Wedges

Game day just isn’t the same without the action, the crowd and stadium snacks. So, Munchies’ Culinary Director Farideh Sadeghin is at home in Brooklyn her favorite game day meals: Chili Cheese Wedges.
Going Green

Going Green with Cannabis Chocolate Brownies

Mikhail shows us how to make some (kinda) not-so-complicated cannabis dark chocolate brownies!
The VICE Guide to Singapore

A Buah Keluak Recipe With Malcolm Lee And Family

Malcolm Lee, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Candlenut, visits his aunt to learn the secret reasons his own babi buah keluak might impress the food critics, but not his aunties.
Kabhi Sushi Kabhi Shalgam

Sabja Coconut Pudding

Ankiet and Urooj learn how to make a lactose free pudding and double-entendres about milk.
The Dinner Bell

Getting High on Brunch with the Cast and Crew of 'High Maintenance'

In this episode of The Dinner Bell, Julia collaborates with her good friends Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld—the co-creators of Vimeo's original series 'High Maintenance'—on a brunch feast for their cast and crew.