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No Cap Responds to ‘Vaccine’ Youtube Comments | The People Vs

No Cap is ready to face the internet's trolls and fans as he reviews comments on his song 'Vaccine'.
People Vs.

Rubi Rose Responds to Comments on ‘I Like’

Rubi Rose is ready to face the internet's trolls and fans as they review her single ‘I Like’.
People Vs.

Saba Talks Drake, Labels In Art, And Shady Comments

Saba reacts to fan YouTube comments on his latest videos “Stop That” & “Ziplock” and gives insight into the inspiration and making of his new album “Few Good Things”
The Noisey Questionnaire of Life / web

ASAP TyY on Sex Positions, Ghosting and Being True to Yourself

ASAP TyY sits down with Trey Smith to talk about how he got into dirt biking, why it's better not to ghost someone, and which member from ASAP Mob he'd want to defend him in a fight.
People Vs.

ArrDee on Stealing AirPods and Omegle Chat Room

After Headie One and LD, we got ArrDee to react to comments under his video "Flowers".
Noisey Raps

From Going to Jail at 16 to Viral Rap Star: Lavida Loca

Lavida Loca emerged onto the scene in 2019, after leaving jail and posting a freestyle that went viral. Now, she’s one of the most powerful voices in the scene.
VICE Asia Pacific


Kim Ji-hun trained with 30 other trainees for what would later become the biggest K-pop band in the world, BTS. However, life had other plans for Ji-hun. This is his story of being on the brink of fame and then losing it all.
Noisey Raps

LD: The Godfather of UK Drill Returns

As a founding member of group 67, LD is an originator of UK Drill. Now, after a stint in prison, LD is back and determined to take his place as the father of the scene.
Noisey Raps

Potter Payper Won’t Go Back to Prison

Noisey meets legendary British rapper Potter Payper, following his release from prison and his return to music, with a top 10 UK album.

How I Got Arrested By The Nepalese Police For My Rap Songs | Censored

Towards the end of 2020, the Nepalese Police ordered the arrest of rapper Vten for using derogatory words against the police. In this episode of VWN’s ‘Censored’, VTen explains why he plans to continue to make music true to himself.
People Vs.

Darkoo on Stealing Your Girl and Guy | The People Vs.

For this episode of our People Vs. series, we got Darkoo to respond to the YouTube comments under her ‘Gangsta’ video.
People Vs.

People VS. Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black​ responds to the army of internet trolls commenting on the Friday (Remix) and Girlfriend Music Videos.