Let Lee Explain

The Self-Help Program That Became a "Sex Cult"

Lee explains the inticricies of the cult and why its been in national headlines the past few weeks.
The Believers

Finding Salvation with an Online Cult

Vice's Charlet Duboc goes to LA to meet Unicole Unicron, a self-described pop-spiritual cult leader and founder of the religion Unicult
The Believers

The Controversial Guru Who Wants to 'Upgrade Civilization'

Bentinho Massaro claims to be helping his followers by encouraging spiritual enlightenment with an eye toward “upgrading civilization.” His followers praise his style, but critics slam his fringe ideas and irreverent tactics.
The Believers

A Former Cult Member Explains How He Escaped

We sat down with Steven Hassan, a former cult member turned expert on the subject, to hear how he broke away from the infamous Unification Church back in the 1970s.

The Cult of Debt Forgiveness

VICE investigated the Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, a cult that's convinced its followers it can wipe away debts—even though critics, prosecutors, and bankers say it's all just a Ponzi scheme.

The Last Man of Mahana

In a remote commune in the forests of the Coromandel, a utopian dream has turned sour. We visit Arthur, one of Mahana’s last founding members, to learn about his life in the reclusive community, his battles with other residents, and his hopes of seei
Balls Deep


Thomas tries not to lose his fingers working as a deckhand on a NYC tugboat.
Epicly Later'd / Clip

Ali Boulala (Part 2)

In our season finale we sit down with legendary skateboarder, Ali Boulala, to talk about how his career and life were turned upside down after a tragic drunk driving accident.

Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

Almost everything Wim has done was previously thought to be impossible - but he’s not a freak of nature, anybody can do what he does. They just have to learn the method.