Grace Neutral


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How Casinos are Cashing In On The Popularity of Tattoos

Grace explores the tattoo scene in Las Vegas where casinos are cashing in with the popularity of tattoos, and explores the lasting impact of Sailor Jerry on the tattoo scene.
Needles & Pins / Clip

The Rise of Women Tattoo Artists

Dirk talks about this support for women artists in the tattoo industry, and Grace speaks to a young apprentice about her strong feminist stance of the industry.
Beyond Beauty

Meet Brazilian models, activists and a feminist rapper fighting sexual harassment

Grace Neutral meets the Brazilian women fighting for expression within challenging surroundings, meeting the individuals leading the charge against male objectification, revolutionising beauty norms in the process.
Beyond Beauty

Inside Brazil's Favelas and the Rise of the New Afro Hair Movement

In our second episode of Beyond Beauty Grace meets a brave new generation of young black women challenging racial discrimination - redefining Sao Paulo's beauty ideals, through the Afro Hair Movement and reclaiming their cultural identity.
Beyond Beauty

Behind Brazil's Extreme Beauty Addiction

Our favorite tattoo-covered alien princess discovers more about the pressures to have the 'perfect body' and long hair.
i-D Meets

Grace Neutral: The Tattoo Covered Alien Princess

Get to know Grace Neutral, the 26-year-old tattoo-covered alien princess with purple eyes, pointed elf ears and a forked tongue.
Beyond Beauty

How Jay Park is Changing Attitudes to Korean Beauty

Grace Neutral meets a Korean gang member and a K-Pop superstar, to paint a more detailed picture of what influences the country's youth and their vision of modern beauty.
Beyond Beauty

South Korean Woman Reveals Illegal Tattoos to Parents

Grace meets the young South Koreans embracing alternative ideas of beauty and discovers the impact it has on their lives.
Beyond Beauty

Exploring Illegal Tattoo Culture in Seoul

Although it’s socially acceptable for teenagers to have cosmetic surgery within its six billion dollar domestic beauty industry, it is illegal to be a tattoo artist.
Beyond Beauty

Inside the Billion Dollar Korean Beauty Industry

tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral explores how younger generations are challenging traditional views around beauty and body image across the world.