Cannabis Self Care

DIY Lip Balm That Gets You High

Keep your lips moisturized and get stoned at the same time. On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica teaches you how to make a lip balm that gets you high.
Cannabis Self Care

How to Make a Chronic and Tonic Cannabis Cocktail with Tinctures

Weed can be incorporated into just about anything- even your cocktails. On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica will teach you how to create a weed tincture.
Cannabis Self Care

Spark Up Your Love Life with Cannabis-Infused Lube

Are you looking to spice up your sex life with some weed? On this episode of Cannabis Self Care, Erica is here to teach you how to make weed lube.
Cannabis Self Care

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Salts

Whip up a batch of these weed bath salts for the most relaxing bath of your life.
Weediquette / S3 EP10

Between Life and Dope

In Maine, a man is denied a life-saving kidney transplant because he uses pot.
Bong Appétit / Extra Scene

Cannabis, Dads, and Parkinson's Disease

In this scene from BONG APPÉTIT, Abdullah talks to Ed Weidenfeld (and his son Nick) about how his Parkinson's led to him getting into cannabis cultivation.
Weediquette / S3 EP6

High Risk Pregnancies

As marijuana becomes legal, more pregnant women are using pot, but is it safe?
Weediquette / Extra Scene

Clinical Cannabis Treatment for Trauma

From WEEDIQUETTE's "Chronic Trauma" episode: Krishna accompanies JohnboyCOOL to learn about medicinally treating his trauma with cannabis.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

America’s largest veterans group pushes VA to allow medical pot

VICE News looks at veterans using cannabis as treatment for PTSD and other ailments
Chasing Strains / Clip

Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 3)

In episode 4 of Chasing Strains, a 4-part series exploring the potential applications of medical marijuana in sports, retired NFL player Kyle Turley meets with former NFL players who support the study of marijuana's medicinal value.
Weediquette / S3 EP2

Herb for Autism

Parents desperate to treat their kids with autism turn to pot.
VICE Sports Explains / web

Weed In The NFL

VICE Sports Explains the NFL’s policy on marijuana and how it's hard moral stance has affected both players and the league in general.