Ordinary People


Balls Deep / S2 EP9

Mr. Banks Goes to Washington (w/ Michelle Obama)

First Lady Michelle Obama recruits Thomas to help end veteran homelessness.
Balls Deep / Clip

Thomas Morton and First Lady Michelle Obama Meet Wendell Banks

First lady Michelle Obama recruits Thomas to join the interagency effort to end veteran homelessness, and bring one newly-homed vet to the White House. THE White House.
Balls Deep / S2 EP8

Zen & The Art of Living

Thomas learns how to apply Zen Buddhism to navigate the New York art world.
Balls Deep / S2 EP7

Valley Goths

Thomas visits the suburban LA goth scene and rejoins his teenage fold.
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Thomas Morton Meets Michelle Obama

Thomas joins forces with Michelle Obama for an upcoming special on veterans.
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Thomas Auditions for a College Play

Thomas steps into the life of a new colleges student and experiences a range of emotions during a theater audition.
Balls Deep / S2 EP4


Thomas joins two young transwoman as they transition in the Bronx.
Balls Deep / Clip

A Support System for the Trans Community

Thomas visits the New York City Anti-Violence Project, where transwoman Chanel Lopez works to provide a safe place for the trans community.
Balls Deep / Clip

A Transwoman’s Beauty Routine

Chanel "International" Lopez takes us through her beauty routine and explains why it's important to differentiate between trans and drag.
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Who Is Thomas Morton? At The Airport

Don't approach Thomas Morton at the airport.
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Who Is Thomas Morton? Fun Facts

All the fun facts you've never asked to know about BALLS DEEP host Thomas Morton.
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Who Is Thomas Morton?

Who is Thomas Morton and why did we give him a TV show?