Ordinary People


Balls Deep S2 EP9

Mr. Banks Goes to Washington (w/ Michelle Obama)

First Lady Michelle Obama recruits Thomas to help end veteran homelessness.
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Thomas Morton and First Lady Michelle Obama Meet Wendell Banks

First lady Michelle Obama recruits Thomas to join the interagency effort to end veteran homelessness, and bring one newly-homed vet to the White House. THE White House.
Balls Deep S2 EP8

Zen & The Art of Living

Thomas learns how to apply Zen Buddhism to navigate the New York art world.
Balls Deep S2 EP7

Valley Goths

Thomas visits the suburban LA goth scene and rejoins his teenage fold.
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Thomas Morton Meets Michelle Obama

Thomas joins forces with Michelle Obama for an upcoming special on veterans.
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Thomas Auditions for a College Play

Thomas steps into the life of a new colleges student and experiences a range of emotions during a theater audition.
Balls Deep S2 EP4


Thomas joins two young transwoman as they transition in the Bronx.
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A Support System for the Trans Community

Thomas visits the New York City Anti-Violence Project, where transwoman Chanel Lopez works to provide a safe place for the trans community.
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A Transwoman’s Beauty Routine

Chanel "International" Lopez takes us through her beauty routine and explains why it's important to differentiate between trans and drag.
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Who Is Thomas Morton? At The Airport

Don't approach Thomas Morton at the airport.
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Who Is Thomas Morton? Fun Facts

All the fun facts you've never asked to know about BALLS DEEP host Thomas Morton.
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Who Is Thomas Morton?

Who is Thomas Morton and why did we give him a TV show?