Fabiana Delfino On What Skateboarding Means For Self Expression

Being a pro skateboarder means managing a lifestyle of marginally controlled chaos. For Fabiana Delfino, the one constant through it all has been her own steadfast vision and drive to make her mark on the sport.
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We Tried Skating On Racist Monuments for July 4th

Taji Ameen and his friends set off to Richmond, Virginia to see if they can skate racist Confederate monuments.

Meet The Cuban-American Skateboarder Making Waves In The Food World

Vans flow rider Sam Narvaez is a total skater’s skater: always down to go out, pushing as fast as possible and skating anything in front of her.

Breana Geering and Una Farrar are Changing Skate Culture in Vancouver

Notes on style, from two of Canada’s most exciting young skateboarders. Created with Vans.
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We Tried Skating Our Way Into the 2019 Met Gala

VICE’s Taji Ameen recruited Pro Skater Duncan Rowland to skate the 2019 MET Gala.
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Skating Over a Bunch of Free Stuff with Rick Howard

Hoping to seek pro skater Rick Howard’s approval, VICE’s Taji Ameen scours Craigslist for a bunch of free stuff to see if he and the Lakai team can skate over it
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Skating a Drain Ditch in LA

Taji and his crew find out if they can skate a ditch in Los Angeles.
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We Skated Trump’s Properties in NYC

A handful of local skaters helped us find out if you can shred Trump’s buildings in New York without getting busted by security.
King of the Road S3 EP10

The Finale

After a crazy finish line, the teams meet up six months later to see who won!
King of the Road / Clip

The Phoenix Rising: Bust Or Bail Challenge

All the teams have one last chance to rack up some bonus points before a winning team is revealed.
King of the Road S3 EP9

Phoenix Rising

The teams get a taste of fatherhood and are nearly broken by last minute bounties.
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A KING OF THE ROAD Double Wedding

Two loving couples say "I do" in one of the most romantic episodes of KING OF THE ROAD yet.