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O Efeito Opiáceo: Uma Comunidade de Pescadores do Maine Luta Contra a Heroína

Em 2016, o estado do Maine teve uma média de uma morte por overdose por dia, a maioria envolvendo heroína.
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O Efeito Opiáceo: Uma Família de Ohio Tenta se Reconstruir Depois do Vício

Um assistente social visita uma família que ainda lida com o impacto do vício da filha em heroína.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada / Clip

Harm Reduction Tips

Guidelines on how to protect yourself from an overdose
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

How To Administer Naloxone

Naloxone kits are essential for preventing opioid deaths. Vice demonstrates how to administer naloxone using the kit obtained for free from a Toronto pharmacy.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

How I Beat Fentanyl

A fentanyl addiction took over A'lisa Ramsey's life, this is how she got it back.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

Keeping the Downtown Eastside Alive

Overdose deaths from fentanyl and other opioids have hit crisis levels and members from Vancouver's downtown eastside
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The Rise of Mexican Black Tar

VICE News investigates the lucrative and dangerous rise of Mexican black tar heroin.
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Group Therapy Behind Bars (Excerpt)

Henry Langston joins a group therapy session, where inmates talk about their looming release dates and their biggest challenges in maintaining sobriety.
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Cold Turkey: New Hampshire's Prison Detox

VICE News looks inside the state facility in New Hampshire that's readily providing substance abuse treatment — its state prison.
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Combatting America's Opioid Crisis: Heroin's Antidote

VICE News investigates how effective Narcan — a nasal spray that can halt opioid overdoses instantly — has been in stopping fatal overdoses.