Safe Sesh

Trippa tryggt #3. Cannabis

En serie kortfilmer med realistiska och praktiska skademinimeringstips för droger. I det här avsnittet tittar vi på gräs.

Hur man gör salladsdressing som gör dig stenad

Följ med när Abdullah Saeed, VICE egna weed-expert, visar dig hur man gör en fet salladsdressing med några användbara köksredskap och cannabis-inspirerad olivolja.

Hur man gör weed-pannkakor med weed-smör

Abdullah Saeed, VICE egna weed-expert, lagar weed-pannkakor med weed-smör och några få andra ingredienser.
VICE Canada Reports

QC Bud: The Black Market's Last Stand

With cannabis legalization around the corner, the “green rush” is already starting in Quebec. This VICE doc explores what the complicated transition from a black to a legal cannabis market will look like in Quebec.
VICE Reports

Cannabis Between Pain and Law

The world is divided into those who represent the legalization of the use of Marijuana for medical purposes, and those who oppose it.

How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

Abdullah Saeed is back with a new DIY 'Smokeables' video, this time to teach you how to make a joint with incredible airflow.
Daily VICE

How One Company Is Confronting the Gender Divide in the Legal-Weed Industry

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we talk to the founder of a high-end pot-product company about the gender divide in the legal-weed industry.
Bong Appétit / web

How to Wake and Bake Like A 19th Century Poet

Roaster, Kian Abedini, shows us how to infuse coffee and prepare the preferred drink of 19th century artists: a café de hashashin.
Daily VICE

Meet the Founder of an App Made by Potheads for Potheads

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we visit Colorado start up MassRoots to talk about what it's like starting a business in the weed industry in 2016.
Daily VICE

Meet the Military Vets Guarding Colorado's Pot

We spend a day with the guys who protect the marijuana and money that has poured into the state since legalization.
High Society

How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

We meet growers, medical marijuana users, politicians, and a couple of thieves who have come up with a novel way to make money off the UK cannabis trade.
Bong Appétit / web

Stoned Shabbat Dinner

You can pretty much infuse anything with cannabis, that is, if you’ve got the right buds.