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Noisey Music Video Premiere

Ruby Empress - "Escapism Deluxe" (Official Video)

Check out the premiere of "Escapism Deluxe" from Gothenburg, Sweden's Ruby Empress.
Noisey Music Video Premiere

Blessing From Rosewood - Earl Swavey (Official Video)

Bompton's Earl Swavey is back with another hometown anthem, directed by Spooky Filmz.
Noisey Music Video Premiere

LNDN DRGS x P On The Boards feat. Earl Swavey & G-Weeder - “Let Me Be The 1” (Official Video)

Bompton's Jay Worthy (from LNDN DRGS) and NYC's P On The Boards (A.K.A. A$AP P) team up for a new EP in tribute to the late, great A$AP Yams on none-other than the waviest holiday of all, Yams Day 2017.
Noisey Specials

Behind the Scenes of Young Thug's "Wyclef Jean"

Noisey goes behind the scenes for Young Thung's music video for his song "Wyclef Jean."

Lucy McRae on Creativity and the Human Body as Art | Visionaries, Episode 2

In this episode of Visionaries, we meet Lucy McRae, a self-described science fiction artist, filmmaker, and body architect who eventually wants to go to space.
THUMP Specials

Rave Days: The Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene

In this THUMP Special, we hear firsthand accounts from some of the main players involved in Melbourne’s biggest parties and venues of the 90s. With all original footage and music from 1990-1999, you’ll be wishing you had a time machine.
Daily VICE

The Story Behind Holy Fuck's Epic Music Video Shot in Romania

We hang out with Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt and meet Michael LeBlanc, the director of their music video for 'Tom Tom'.
THUMP Music Videos

Eats Everything - The Duster ft. Green Velvet (Official Music Video)

Bristolian producer Eats Everything and Chicago's own Green Velvet have teamed up to give you a delightfully awkward video for "The Duster."
People Vs.

The People Vs A$AP Rocky

Rocky sits down with Noisey to respond to some comments left on his video for L$D.