Bad Blood

Bad Blood - Former Extremist Opens Foundation

Former Indonesian terrorist Yusuf Adimira was convicted as an accomplice in the Bali bombings. Yusuf takes us back to how it all began.
VICE Asia Pacific

Forging Supernatural Swords In Bali

Keris is an ancient sword from Indonesia, believed to be endowed with supernatural powers, VICE meets one of the last remaining Keris makers in Bali.

Meet Climate Activist Melati Wijsen Who Had Single-Use Plastic Banned in Bali | Influence

Melati Wijsen, a young climate activist, has managed to create change through an environmental policy banning single-use plastics in Bali.
The Pledge

The Activists Making A Change For A Cleaner Bali: The Pledge

Bali is noted as one of the most beautiful and mystical islands in the world. However it's under threat by the trash polluting its once pristine beaches. VICE observes the innovative ways in which plastic can be managed.
Indonesia Riot

Growing Up In Bali Bites: Fangsters

VICE follows a Balinese teen as she spiritually grinds down her upper canine teeth to see how the youngest generation of adults is taking on a coming of age tradition with deep roots on the island.
Musik Tanpa Batas

Kelompok Penerbang Roket, Ramengrvl and Bin Idris, Voyagers of Icarie, Mukarakat, and Zatua

A music variety show exploring Indonesia's wild and eclectic music scene.
Musik Tanpa Batas

Pengantar Minum Racun, Stars and Rabbit, Monohero, and Terapi Urine: Musik Without Limits

An internet variety show exploring Indonesia's wild and eclectic music scene.
VICE News Shorts

Volcanoes are erupting across the Pacific Ring of Fire

Volcanoes across the Pacific are sending thousands of people fleeing.
Google Searchlight

Tipi Gets Tacky in Bali's Hipster Paradise

On this episode of "Searchlight," Tipi Jabrik shows us where to get tacky jackets and why locals want you to stay out of Bali.