How Colonialism Brought South Indian Flavors to Indonesia: Akarasa

In this episode of Akarasa, a food series paid for by GO-JEK, our host Ade Putri embarks on a jet-setting journey to discover the origins of roti canai.

How Centuries of Chinese Migration Changed Indonesian Food Forever: Akarasa

In this episode of Akarasa, a food series made in partnership with GO-JEK, we explore the history, flavors, and traditions of Chinese noodles—a dish with roots thousands of kilometers away.
Breaking Waves

Exploring Korea's Growing Indie Music and Surf Culture

Pro surfer Tipi Jabrik visits Korea to check out the burgeoning surf culture and find out how Korean Indie music is finally challenging K-pop.
Breaking Waves

We Visit Thailand's Muscle-Bound Mecca of Fighting

Muay Thai and kickboxing are a part of Thai culture. Tipi Jabrik visits Phukets muscle beach to learn how to fight while looking for waves.
Breaking Waves

We Found An Ancient Tattoo Culture Being Reborn In The Philippines

Traditional tattoos called Batok were once banned in the Philippines by Spanish colonialists, pro surfer Tipi Jabrik goes on a road trip to see how Filipinos are reclaiming their culture
The Road

Getting Healthy and Going Vegan Meant Losing Friends for Eva Celia

Going vegan was a hard choice, but it wasn't as hard as all the criticism she received over what she chose to eat
Easy Riders

Failing at Golf and Thrifting In A Burned Down Market: Central

Central Jakarta is the cosmopolitan heart of the city. Kelly Tandiono, Dipha Barus, and Kallula look at whats underneath this fancy playground to find central's underground.
Easy Riders

Jakarta by Those Who Know It Best: Down South

In this episode of Easy Riders, Kelly Tandiono, Dipha Barus, and Kalulla tour South Jakarta and take us record hunting and find the inventor of Jakarta's original sate taichan.
Break The Stereo

Masculinity Meets Fashion With Toton Januar

Toton Januar talks about finding his true purpose in life through fashion and drawing outside of the box.
Break The Stereo

On The Road With Rahung Nasution

Perpetual traveler and chef Rahung Nasution talks about the societal expectations around men and what it's like to choose to life on the road.
Break The Stereo

Dancing And Dreaming With Siko Setyanto

Ballet dancer Siko Setyanto breaks down masculinity and talks about how he expresses himself through movement.
The Other Side

The Other Side: Art

Auckland based illustrator Toby Morris travels to Tokyo, where comic art and anime infiltrate everyday life.
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Joko Anwar Talks Punk Rock and Tuak in Medan

Joko Anwar takes us around his hometown, Medan.
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Chasing Boars And Metalheads in Bandung With Alex Abbad

In this episode of "Searchlight," Alex Abbad checks out Jakarta's artsy neighbor, Bandung.
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Hannah Al Rashid Hunts Ghosts and Submarines in Surabaya

In this episode of 'Searchlight,' Hannah Al Rashid takes us around Indonesia’s city of heroes—Surabaya.
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Tipi Gets Tacky in Bali's Hipster Paradise

On this episode of "Searchlight," Tipi Jabrik shows us where to get tacky jackets and why locals want you to stay out of Bali.
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Ario Bayu Gets Weird in Yogyakarta

Ario Bayu heads out to Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. It's a vibrant, art-filled city that mixes the old and the new—with a healthy dose of the weird.
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We Went On A Jakarta After Hours Tour With Tara Basro

Jakarta is a city best enjoyed by night, Tara Basro shows us the best spots to catch a show and why street food is better than anything else.
Spaced Out

Deep Space Robot Gardeners

When you’re floating in space, the limited culinary options leave something to be desired. In fact, astronauts on long trips typically don’t eat enough. That’s where SPOT, a smart growing chamber, and ROGR, a gardening robot, come into play.